Some bands flourish, others never really leave the practice room.  Some seldom visit the practice room.  In the world of rock bands playing at a school, few harbor true hope of becoming a professional musician, and sometimes even getting the band together in the same place and time is nearly impossible.

All these bands and musical partnerships had different trajectories.   We can only hope no innocents were near the point of impact.

Childhood Bands
The Oompa Loompas 1976-1978 Harding Township, NJ
Crimson Steele 1977-1978 Harding Township School
High School Bands
Off the Record 1981-1982 Choate Rosemary Hall
The Puddin' Heads 1981-198? Choate Rosemary Hall
The Examples (later XYZ) 1981-1982 Choate Rosemary Hall
The Textones 1981-198? Choate Rosemary Hall
Hours of Torture 1981-198? Choate Rosemary Hall
Back to the Womb 1983-1984? Choate Rosemary Hall
The Cavity Creeps 1983-1984? Choate Rosemary Hall
Jimmy and the Super-Heroes 1983-1984? Choate Rosemary Hall
Zeke and the Electric Stovepipe Blues Band 1985-1986? Choate Rosemary Hall
The Wind that Swept Mexico 1985-1986? Choate Rosemary Hall
College/Gradschool Bands
The Groceries 198?-1983? Princeton University
The Funstigators 1983-1984 Princeton University
The Front 1983
Scooter and the Scapegoats 1983 Princeton University
Free Beer 1983-1984? Princeton University
Kids with Toys 1983-1985? Princeton University
The Outlets 1983-? Princeton University
The Stereotypes 1985-1986 Princeton University
The Stereo-Hombres 1986 Princeton University
Hindsight 1985-1987? Princeton University
The Usual Suspects 1985-1987? Princeton University
The Rhythm Method 1983-1984? Princeton University

The Stud-Kings of Rock and Roll

1985-1986 Princeton University


1986-1987 Princeton University

Can't Go Bowling

1987-1988 Princeton University

The Noise Petals

1988-1990? Princeton University


1987-1988 Cambridge, MA
Geezer Bands
Lawnboy 2000 1989-1990? Boston area
Condomnation 1990-1991? Boston area
Sporky 1994 Boston area
The Would-Be Has-Beens 2007- Boston and ????

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